10 Commandments

McCreary County. Ky. v. ACLU of Kentucky will be heard by the Supreme Court. Display of the commandments is supported by the Bush administration. First Amendment Center Senior Scholar, Charles C. Haynes , writes of principles at stake in this debate:

Biblical law is one source (but not the only source) of our legal system. Should that be part of what students learn when they study history and government in schools? Can it be included in any legitimate historical display or discussion? Of course.

But should government officials use the fact that biblical law has played a role in our legal system to endorse the Ten Commandments — or any other part of the Bible? Should passages from the Bible or from any other scriptures be promoted in government settings? Of course not.

Let’s hope a majority of the Supreme Court will have the courage to explain the difference — and a majority of the American people will have the wisdom to accept it.

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