Adult Education and Informal Education

The connection between public library service and adult education is over 100 years old, yet few practicing librarians articulate a philosophy of adult education in current writing. I hope that this changes. Two important sources to gain a broader understanding are the Highlander and infed websites. I will write more about adult education and librarianship later this month.

The Highlander Center was founded in 1932 to serve as an adult education center for community workers involved in social and economic justice movements. The goal of Highlander was and is to provide education and support to poor and working people fighting economic injustice, poverty, prejudice, and environmental destruction. Highlander helps grassroots leaders create the tools necessary for building broad-based movements for change.

infed (the informal education homepage) provides a space for people to explore the theory and practice of informal education and lifelong learning. In particular, infed encourages educators to develop ways of working and being that foster association, conversation and relationship.