Future & Archives: A LIBRARIAN AT EVERY TABLE-227

December 1, 2004. No. 227.
Sources & Sites for Community Building.

Dear sister and brother ALAET subscriber,

I began A-LIBRARIAN-AT-EVERY-TABLE in 2001, not long before the tragic events of September 11. As a professor working at a Florida university (Jeb Bush is governor), I have experienced a sustained shrinkage of the public sphere since 9/11/2001.For background see the article in the newsletter of the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association: A Librarian’s Choice: the High Road of Social Responsibility and Ethics or Personal Expediency when Faced by a Devious Government. The student online discussion list at the School of Library and Information Science (where I teach) was shut down by pernicious administrative fiat when students and some faculty discussed the war in Iraq in March 2003. Just before the 2004 election a well known environmentalist was banned from speaking at Florida Gulf Coast University because she was critical of the governor’'s brother'’s environmental policies. Terry Tempest Williams Barred From Florida Gulf Coast University

To ensure that I can continue to identify community building sites without administrative censorship I am moving ALAET to this blog-- “Librarian.”

I will still use the ALAET website as an interface to alert you to new posts and to sign up new readers (unless the university no longer will host the subscriber list) but the actual annotations will be at “Librarian.”

Thank you for your interest and contributions over the past 227 issues of A- LIBRARIAN-AT-EVERY-TABLE. I hope the blog, “Librarian,” will carry on the same spirit.