Relief and Aid: Earthquake & Tsunami

Up-to-date links on relief pertaining to the tsunami in South East Asia are at Relief Web. The
Center for International Disaster Information
uses its information management resources to implement various targeted public awareness activities to address the issues of appropriate donations and volunteer practice in order to reduce the burden they cause for relief organizations, host governments and disaster victims and lessen the frustration experienced by the public donor community.

Just before the disaster an editorial appeared in
The New York Times, "America the Indifferent."
The United States is the world's richest nation. Washington is quick to say that it contributes more money to foreign aid than any other country. But no one is impressed when a billionaire writes a $50 check for a needy family. The test is the percentage of national income we give to the poor, and on that basis this country is the stingiest in the Group of Seven industrialized nations.