Grandmora-Marquette, New Mexico, delay, Dorothy Day

"Grandmora" was the name above the entrance to the English Department at Marquette University in the 1960s. Grandmora was an old apartment building that had been converted to offices. It is torn down now and I can't find evidence on the web that this tiny obscurity was recorded or noted by anyone. There's a county in New Mexico called Mora County but that's named after a berry of some sort. My mother grew up a little south of Mora County in Torrance County--Willard. I'd gone to Marquette to take graduate classes with a Hardy scholar who left before I got there. If "Grand Mora" means delay, it was a delay for me because the Milwaukee Public Library was just a few blocks away. Having it all as a librarian, rather than focus on a few scholars as an English teacher appealed to me greatly.

The Dorothy Day archives are at Marquette University.

Willa Cather, Death Comes for the Archbishop (1927).
Dorothy Day, The Long Lonliness (1952).