FDR gave us the New Deal; SS is still working well. Bush wants to give us the RAW DEAL

February 4, Bush came to Tampa to sell his ill-conceived plan to undo Social Security. He was met by over 200 protesters with speeches, signs and protest songs. Retired social worker, Barbara Nicholson of Sun City Center, gave an impassioned speech and has kindly given me permission to share it.

FDR gave us the New Deal and SS is still working well. Bush wants to give us the RAW
Barbara Nicholson, Sun City Center, Fl.

President Bush says Social Security is in
Websters Dictionary defines CRISIS: "a dangerous or critical moment or

development." Defines DISTRACT: "to divert as the mind in a
different direction 2. to bewilder, confuse 3. to make frantic,
Bush defines SS as a crisis to distract us from the REAL national emergencies:
  • Iraq
  • national debt
  • outsourcing of jobs
  • corporatization of America
  • health care
  • education
  • environment...
We have 30+ years to "tweak" social security and should be dealing with the REAL
national emergencies NOW. According to the SS Administration itself, the
system can meet 100% of its obligations for the next 37 years with no
changes at all. Beyond that there are less risky things we can do to shore
it up.

We will not accept a plan that will make retirement less secure. Why would anyone
think the Bush admin has a clue about solving any economic problem when the largest deficit in history was caused by his poor choices? And now he wants to FIX SS and it isn't even BROKE!!!!

FDR gave us the New Deal and SS is still working well. Bush wants to give us the RAW
DEAL. Bush is lying to us AGAIN like he lied about WMD's. Lack of truth telling by BUSH and the MEDIA are the biggest problems we need to be dealing with NOW. Media parrots
Bush repeating his lies for him to brainwash us into believing what he says is true! God gave us brains and we need to use them.

SHAME ON THE MEDIA! I challenge all media here today to investigate and expose and tell the TRUTH for a change. "I'll lose my job" you whine when
we ask this of you. If American troops are willing to die for our country why isn't the media willing to risk their jobs? You, the media are hurting America by parroting Bush's lies and America needs you to tell the truth.Remember that old phrase "If it ain't broke don't fix it?"
Well, it ain't broke.