Union Blogs and Librarian Blogs

The American Federation of Government Employees
hosts UnionBlog . Of special interest are the public blogs like the one by John R. Poitras, President of AFGE Local 1904 (AFL-CIO) (Representing Americans Working For America). Writing about the National Security Personnel System he notes:

Every employee including local managers would have no option but to agree to any and all demands of their superiors; everyone will be fearful of arbitrary discipline, pay reduction or removal without benefit of a neutral third party review.

It would be a brave thing if the library associations would gather blogs so we could see our leaders fighting for us the way UnionBlog does. LISFeeds does a fine job of providing feeds for nearly 200 LIS blogs and news services (updated every 2 hours). But if librarians are going to fight for better salaries, benefits and working conditions maybe ALA-APA should focus on leaders like those on UnionBlog who make public statements that provide encouragement and confidence.