Wolfowitz Nomination for World Bank is Poison Pill for Poverty Alleviation

Bill Fletcher, Jr. President of TransAfrica Forum has made this observation on the nomination of Wolfowitz for the World Bank:

the nomination of Wolfowitz also serves as a poison pill, not so much for an already flawed and anti-people institution—the World Bank—but for any possibility of constructive relations between the US and most of this planet, at least through the length of this Administration.

Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. writes on Choosing Poverty's Banker.

the selection of the new World Bank head freezes out the 1 billion people who live on less than $1 per day, and the 3 billion who live on less than $2 per day. It freezes out the entire Southern hemisphere, Africa, Asia and South America. In fact, it freezes out everyone who is not a Bush loyalist in the United States, or a nervous European elite.

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