Civil Rights Truths Hidden by Bush Administration

Law Librarian Blog's entry, "One Step Closer to Book Burning" provides background on the disappearance of important government documents--especially Redefining Rights in America: The Civil Rights Record of the George W. Bush Administration --
discussed along with a now missing letter on this blog last December.

The 166-page report, considered for adoption in November 2004, was rejected by the Republican-appointed members of the 8-member Commission. The report documented what it called "missed opportunities to win consensus on key civil rights issues" ranging from affirmative action, to fair housing, to immigration, to voting rights. "The credibility and soundness of this review is grounded in careful research that concluded you have failed to exhibit leadership on pressing civil rights issues," stated the letter from Berry and Reynoso accompanying the report. "Sadly, the spiraling demise of hope for social justice and healing has deepened over the past four years, largely due to a departure from and marginalization of long established civil rights priorities, practices and laws."

Because the Bush administration removed this report from the website of the US Commission on Civil Rights to read it you will need to go to Memory Hole.