Library Services to Indigenous Populations

Published by the American Library Association, 2005
From the back cover

In Library Services to Indigenous Populations Kelly Webster, 2004-2005 President of the American Indian Library Association, has produced a comprehensive bibliography that addresses the library and information needs of indigenous people around the world. The bibliography is a collaboration with Karen Alexander, Bonnie Biggs, Carlene Barnett, Naomi Caldwell, David Ongley, and Lotsee Patterson—all individuals noted for their commitment to serving indigenous people and for a passion to extend library service.

Aboriginal and Torres Islanders, First Nations people, Maori, North American Indians, and Sámi in Norway are included among the indigenous populations addressed in this book. Library Services to Indigenous Populations will be a vital resource to students of library and information studies, to librarians planning to establish and expand services, as well as to cultural anthropologists who recognize the value of preserving and sustaining the diversity of humankind.

Library Services to Indigenous Populations is a project of the Library Services to American Indians Subcommittee of the ALA Office for Literacy and Outreach Services. It has been compiled in response to the OLOS mission of supporting and promoting literacy and equity of information access initiatives for traditionally underserved populations. This bibliography affirms the mandate of librarianship to reach out to all people and helps lead the way down old paths that we must learn.