READ-IN for GAY PRIDE in Tampa

First Read In at the Westgate
Regional Library 7606 Paula Drive Tampa, Florida 33615-4116 on July 21 from 7-9pm. This will be a quiet protest, in which we encourage people to borrow a book from the display that was taken down (you may need to request it ahead of time to be sent to the
Westgate Library) and read them. In front of each person we can have signs saying something to the effect of "This is one of the Gay Pride books the BOCC
doesn't want displayed".

Here's what Left2Right says about Hillsborough's BOCC:
"if the commission is really worried about the county government's "acknowledging, promoting, and participating in" controversial causes, maybe they should tell the library to stop buying books on evolutionary biology — and creationism, too. Maybe they should get the existing books off the shelves, too. That's just the beginning, of course, because library shelves stripped of controversial materials are going to be pretty damned empty."