Telesur is the new channel that aspires to propose a Latin American point of view in the labyrinth of the global television spectrum. Telesur is backed by the governments of Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba and Uruguay who say they want it to promote Latin American integration.
In its first broadcast, the channel's president, Venezuelan communications minister, Andres Izarra, told viewers in as many as 23 Latin American countries that Telesur was not directed against the people of the US.
'Time for change'The station was, he said, "erupting onto the international scene" to counter cultural imperialism, which he said had gone unchallenged in the region for 50 years. Several international advisors to the new channel, including the Pakistani-British broadcaster and activist Tariq Ali, spoke against the attempts on Capitol Hill to get the US government to counter Telesur with broadcasts of its own.
Democracy Now has a good feature on Telesur:
New Latin American Television Network Telesur Officially Launched