Jeb Bush Pushed $236 Million Contract to Cruise Ship Industry and His Re-Election Paid for By Cruise Ship Industry

Why did Florida Gov. Jeb Bush push a $236 million federal contract for Carnival Cruise Lines to house Hurricane Katrina victims?
In Florida the Cruise Ship Industry is a huge contributor to the GOP. "When Sept. 11 threatened to blow a hole in the Florida tourism industry -- cruises included -- Bush and the Republican-controlled Legislature found $20-million to pump up Florida's marketing. In Boston, he hopped aboard a Carnival cruise ship loaded with New England travel agents to extol Florida last fall. The industry is grateful. Very grateful. In June, the Cruise Industry Community Fund, a Virginia-based industry group, gave the state GOP $500,000. The campaign donations came in two checks and established the cruise industry trade group as the GOP's largest single donor for this year's campaign. Money to the state party will pay for most of Bush's re-election campaign. "(St.Pete Times,July 23, 2002).

..as if THIS wasn't enough!