Inaugural Dylan Thomas Prize Longlist

The inaugural Dylan Thomas Prize for £60,000 will be awarded to the winner at a glittering prizes event at the Brangwyn Hall in Swansea on 27th October 2006.

The Prize has been designed as a series of events in which, first the short-listed writers, and eventually the winner will appear before writing groups in schools, colleges and communities both in Wales and the United States. In Wales itself, the Welsh Assembly Government and individual private companies are specifically interested in encouraging this social dimension of the Prize. In Wales, as in the English-speaking world as a whole, the enthusiasm of young writers is very evident and the Prize intends to provide one focus for those energies and ambitions.

Susan Barker - Sayonara Bar
Lucy Caldwell - Where They Were Missed
Kira Cochrane - Escape routes for beginners
Rodge Glass - No fireworks
Joey Goebel - Torture The Artist
Ian Holding - Infeeling
Nick Laird - Utterly Monkey and To A Fault
Emily Maguire - Taming the beast
Matthew David Scott - Playing Mercy
James Scudamore - The Amnesia Clinic
Talitha Stevenson - Exposure
Rachel Trezise - Fresh Apples
Liza Ward - Outside Valentine

The shortlist will be revealed in September and the winner of the £60,000 prize will be named at a ceremony at Swansea's Brangwyn Hall on October 27 - the date of Dylan Thomas's birthday.

Swansea is proud of being the birthplace of Dylan Marlais Thomas and also proud to host an annual Dylan Thomas Festival.