Jeb Bush Supports Censor as Dade board to vote on appeal of _Vamos a Cuba _ ban

Vamos a Cuba

Miami Herald reports:
Dade board to vote on appeal of Cuba book ban
Two weeks before the Sept. 5 elections, the Miami-Dade School Board will revisit the politically charged issue of whether a controversial children's book about Cuba should be on library shelves.
'The discussion around the issue of parental rights and the sovereign powers of elected officials and wise use of taxpayer dollars is an issue worth fighting all the way to the Supreme Court,'' said board member Frank Bolaños, among the book's most vocal opponents. ``This is a matter of principle -- it warrants us investing as much time and resources as we need to be able to protect these things we believe in.''
[Jeb Bush is supporting Frank Bolaños because his opponent opposed Jeb who tried to undo the state's amendment that lowered class size. It is well-known that Jeb Bush does not support libraries and, in fact, under Jeb Bush reading scores have fallen.]
Jeb Bush Vetoes Florida Library Appropriations
As part of an unprecedented $448.7-million line-item veto of state funding, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush slashed a total of $5.8 million in grants to public libraries, pilot projects for library homework help and web-based high-school texts, and funding for a joint-use library in Tampa.

The revenge of Jeb Bush on Villalobos comes about because Jeb does not like it when people do not accept his stance. His attempts (failed) to overturn the peoples' decision to lower class size cause him to attack those who go against him. Jeb's support of Bolaños over Villalobas has nothing to do with what's right for the children of Miami-Dade but everything to do with the fact that this Senate race is a proxy for Jeb's will.