Paratext and Libraries Acknowledged in Notables by Mid-Decade

I recently read Gérard Genette's Paratexts: Thresholds of interpretation. Trans. Jane E. Lewin. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997. Because I have served 2 terms on the ALA Notable Books Committee I thought that a subset of the notables might be interesting to analyze for acknowledgements to libraries. I have begun a dataset and am posting it below.


Allen, Gay W. The Solitary Singer: A Critical Biography of Walt Whitman.
MacMillan, New York, 1955.

The Walt Whitman Foundation

Duke University Library, Trent Collection

Yale University Library, Van Sinderen Collection

New York Public Library, Berg Collection, Rare Book Room

University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book Department

Library of Congress, Harned Collection

John Pierpoint Morgan Library

Long Island Historical Society

Huntington Historical Society- Martha K. Hall

New York University Libraries

New York Historical Society

Pennsylvania Historical Society

American Antiquarian Society

Boston Public Library

Harvard University, Houghton Library

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Archives

Union College Library

National Archives- Nathan Reingold

Nassau County Historian- Jesse Merritt

Bishop, Jim. The Day Lincoln Was Shot.
Harper Bros., New York, 1955

Illinois State Historical Library- Harry E. Pratt, Historian

Teaneck (NJ) Public Library- Olive Tambourelle, Librarian

New York Public Library- Robert Hug, Librarian

Chase, Gilbert. America’s Music: From the Pilgrims to the Present
McGraw-Hill, New York, 1955

“In all the places where I worked on this book I had occasion to appreciate the combination of friendliness and efficiency that characterizes the American librarian.” (p. x)

New York Public Library, Music Division: Dr. Carleton Sprague Smith and staff

58th Street Music Library, NYC: Gladys Chamberlain

Free Library of Philadelphia, Music Room: Arthur Cohn and staff

University of North Carolina [Library], Music Department: Dr. Glen Haydon and staff

University of North Carolina, General Library: staff

Library of Congress, Music Division: Richard S. Hill, William Lichtenwanger, Edward N. Waters.

Clifford, James L. Young Samuel Johnson
McGraw-Hill, New York, 1955

Birmingham Reference Library

British Museum

Bodleian Library

William Salt Library

Yale University Library

Hanson, Lawrence and Elizabeth Hanson. The Noble Savage: A Life of Paul Gauguin
Chatto & Windus, London, 1954

Bibliotheque Nationale d’Art et d’Archeologie, Paris

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen

Irvine, William. Apes, Angels and Victorians: The Story of Darwin, Huxley, and Evolution
McGraw-Hill, New York, 1955

Cambridge University Library

Macgowan, Kenneth, and William Melnitz. The Living Stage: A History of the World Theater
Prentice-Hall, Englewood, NJ, 1955

Vic-Wells Association, Archives: Reginald P. Mander

Harvard College Library, Theater Collection: William Van Lennep, archivist

Elmer Belt Library, Los Angeles: Kate Steinitz

Clark Memorial Library Los Angeles: Edna C. Davis

Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, San Marino, CA: Leslie E. Bliss

Millar, George. A Crossbowman’s Story of the First Exploration of the Amazon
Knopf, New York, 1955

The London Library

Tunnard, Christopher, and Henry Hope Reed. American Skyline: The Growth and Form of our Cities and Towns
Riverside Press, Cambridge, MA, 1955

Columbia University, Avery Library: Adolph Paczek and James Grote Van Derpool

Boston Atheneum: David McKibbin

The Art Institute of Chicago, Burnham Library of Architecture: Mrs. T. M. Hofmeester

Cleveland Public Library: Aline Cosgrove and Donna L. Root

Harvard University, Library of Architecture: Ruth V. Cook

Harvard University, Library of Landscape Architecture and City Planning: Katherine McNamara

Enoch Pratt Free Library: staff

New York Public Library, Art Department: Muriel Baldwin, Ina Cassirer, Jane Waite, Norwood Vail, Naomi S. Street, Takato Saiko, Neal Richmond, Margaret Viviano

New York Public Library, American History Room: Dr. James J. Heslin, F. Ivor Avellino

New York Public Library, Print Department: Elizabeth Roth

New York Public Library, Map Room: Gerard Alexander, Edward Gardner, Richard Hitchcock

New York Public Library, Genealogy Room: Rosalie Bailey

New York Public Library, Epiphany Branch: Cornelia Strohl

St. Louis Public Library: Mildred Boatman

Yale University, Art Library: Lydia Wentworth

Yale University, Sterling Library: Alexander O. Vietor

New York Historical Society: Wayne Andrews, Curator of Manuscripts


Walker, Richard L. China under Communism: The First Five Years
Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, 1955

Yale University Library: staff

White, Walter. How Far the Promised Land?
Viking, New York, 1955

Four women not specifically called librarians to whom the author is “indebted for their patience and valuable assistance in digging out and checking hundreds of facts.” (234)


Bell, Millicent. Edith Wharton & Henry James: The Story of their Friendship
George Braziller, New York, 1965

Harvard University, Houghton Library: Prof. William A. Jackson and Carolyn E. Jakeman

Amherst College Library: Rena Durkin

Yale University Library: Prof. Donald C. Gallup

Harding, Walter. The Days of Henry David Thoreau: A Biography
Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 1965

Middlebury College, Abernethy Library: Grace Davis

Boston Public Library: John Alden

Cary Memorial Library, Lexington, MA: Mrs. Harry Erdman

Colby College Library: Richard Cary

Concord Free Public Library: Marcia Moss, David Little, Dorothy Nyren

Fruitlands Museum: William Henry Harrison

Harvard College Library: Dr. William Bond, Dr. William Jackson, Caroline Jakeman

Haverford College Library: Marjorie F. Davis

Huntington Library

Kentucky Historical Society

Library of Congress

Lilly Library of Indiana University

Louisville, KY, Free Public Library: Mrs. Arthur S. Ricketts

Massachusetts Historical Society

Medford, MA, Public Library: Helen G. Forsyth

Pierpoint Morgan Library: Herbert Cahoon

New Bedford Free Public Library: Loretta E. Phaneuf

New Hampshire State Library: Paul K. Goode

New York Public Library: John Gordon

University of Notre Dame Library

Paulist Archives of New York City: Rev. Vincent Holden, C.S.P.

Portland, ME, Public Library: Eugenia M. Southard

Sawyer Free Library of Gloucester, MA: Mrs. Alan G. Hill

Springfield, MA, Library: Margaret Rose

University of Texas Library

University of Virginia Library: John Wylie and Kendon Stubbs

Silas Bronson Library of Waterbury, CT

Yale University Library

Josephy, Alvin M. Jr. The Nez Perce Indians and the Opening of the Northwest
Yale University Press, New Haven, CT. 1965

Washington State University Library: Mrs. Emmett Avery

Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley: George B. Hammond, Robert H. Becker, John Barr Tompkins

British Museum: R.A.Skelton, Helen Wallis

Oregon State Library: David C. Duniway, State Archivist

Yale University Library, Western Americana Collection: Archibald Hanna and staff

Huntington Library: Robert O. Dougan, Haidee Noya, Lyle H. Wright and colleagues

Idaho Historical Society

Provincial Archives of British Columbia

Kansas State Historical Society: Nyle H. Miller and Robert W. Richmond

Public Archives of Canada: W. Kaye Lamb

Washington State Historical Society: Bruce LeRoy

Missouri Historical Society: George R. Brooks, Frances H. Stadler, and associates

Montana Historical Society: Michael Kennedy, Mary K. Dempsey, Vivian A. Paladin

National Archives: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Herman R. Friis, Jane Smith, Elizabeth Drewery, Carmelita Ryan, Victor Gondos, Jr.

Oregon Historical Society: Thomas Vaughan, Barbara Elkins, Priscilla Knuth

Royal Ontario Museum, University of Toronto: Eugene S. Rogers

Smithsonian Institution: John C. Ewers, Margaret C. Blaker, Edgar M. Howell

Archives of Ontario: G. W. Spragge

Chicago Historical Society

Library of Congress

New York Public Library

Spokane, WA, Public Library

Idaho Historical Society

Lamott, Lansing. Day of Trinity
Atheneum, New York, 1965

Acknowledges “Information Officers”

Morris, Donald R. The Washing of the Spears: A History of the Zulu Nation under Shaka and Its Fall in the Zulu War of 1879
Simon and Schuster, New York, 1965

Campbell Library, Durban, South Africa: Dr. Killie Campbell, Mary McQueen, Kay Collins, and staff

Morris, Richard B. The Peacemakers: The Great Powers and American Independence
Harper & Row, New York, 1965

Columbia University Library

University of Michigan, Clements Library: Dr. William H. Peckham, William S. Ewing, Randolph G. Adams

National Historical Publications Commission: F. Helen Beach, Archivist

Library of Congress: Dr. David C. Mearns, Dorothy S. Eaton

New York Historical Society: Dr. James J. Heslin, Librarian

New York Public Library: Robert W. Hill

Harvard University, Houghton Library: William A. Jackson

Massachusetts Historical Society: Stephen T. Riley

New Jersey State Library, Bureau of Archives and History: Thomas Amelia

Historical Society of Pennsylvania: R. Norris Williams

Huntington Library: John E. Pomfret and Allan Nevins

South Carolina Historical Society: Mrs. Granville T. Prior

Columbia University Libraries: Dr. Richard H. Logsdon, Roland O. Baughman, Dean and Mrs. Harold C. Syrett.

Historical Manuscripts Commission of Great Britain: Roger Ellis

National Register of Archives, Great Britain: W.D. Coates

British Museum
Oxford University, Merton College Library

Sheffield City Libraries

Archives, Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres [France]: Jean Baillou

La Bibliotheque Nationale [de France]

Les Archives Nationales [de France]
La Bibliotheque de l’Arsenal

La Bibliotheque de l’Institut de France

Archives, Ministere de la Guerre

Archivo Historico Nacional [Madrid]: Tomas Perez Saenz

Archivo General de Simancas

Archivo General de Indias [Seville]: Otto Pikaza

Gabinete de Historia et Leitura Paleografica [Portugal]: Rosalinha Cunha

Algemeen Rijksarchief, the Hague: N. M. Gapikae, Archivist

Rigsarkivet, Copenhagen: Svend Askjaer, Archivist

Archivio Segreto, the Vatican: Monsigonor Martino Giusti, Archivist

Staatsarchiv, Vienna

Archivio di Stato, Venice

Archivio di Stato, Florence

Riksarkivet, Stockholm

Rudofsky, Bernard. The Kimono Mind: An Informal Guide to Japan and the Japanese
Doubleday, Garden City, New York, 1965

New York Public Library: Elizabeth Ross

Columbia University Libraries: Philip Yampolski

Swanberg, W.A. Dreiser
Scribner’s, New York, 1965

University of Pennsylvania Library: Neda M. Westlake

Indiana University, Lilly Library: David A. Randall

Princeton University Library: Alexander P. Clark

Cornell University Library: Dr. George H. Healey, Michael Jasenas, John F. Guido

New York Public Library: Robert W. Hill

Los Angeles Public Library: Lois M. Jones

Yale University Library: George Nally, David R. Watkins

Newberry Library: Amy Nyholm

Huntington Library: Herbert C. Schulz

Dartmouth College, Baker Library: Elizabeth M. Sherrard

Fairbanks Memorial Library, Terre Haute: Stillman K. Taylor

Weltfish, Gene. The Lost Universe
Basic Books, New York, 1965

Nebraska State Historical Society: Marvin Kivett

Oklahoma Historical Society: Rella Looney


Berlin, Ira. Slaves Without Masters: The Free Negro in the Antebellum South
New Press, New York, 1975

State Historical Society of Wisconsin: Ellen Burke, Ruth Davis, Charles Shetler

University of Illinois Library at Chicago Circle: Deirdre Ford

Library of Congress: Caroline Sung

Virginia State Library: Daphne Gentry

Duke University Library: Mattie Russell

Louisiana State University Library: John M. Price, Margaret Fisher

Tulane University Library: Connie Griffith

Brownmiller, Susan. Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape
Simon and Schuster, New York, 1975

New York State Library

New York Psychoanalytic Society, A. A. Brill Collection

New York University Law Library

Columbia University, International Law Library

National Archives

New York Public Library

Dawidowicz, Lucy S. The War Against The Jews: 1933-1944
Holt, Rhinehart and Winston, New York, 1975

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research: Dina Abramowicz, librarian; Ezekiel Lifschutz. archivist; Dr. Isaiah Trunk; Dr. Lucjan Dobroszycki

Blaustein Library of the American Jewish Committee: Harry J. Alderman; Milton Himmelfarb; Ruth Rauch

American Jewish Joint Distribution Archives: Rose Klepfisz, archivist

Leo Baeck Institute, unpublished collections: Dr. Fred Grubel

Jewish Labor Bund Archives: Franz Kurst

Zionist Library and Archives: Sylvia Landress

Institut fur Zeitgeschichte, Munich: Dr. Hildegard von Kotze, archivist

National Archives: Robert Wolf, John E. Taylor

Studium Polski Podziemnej, London: H. Czarnocka

Centre de Documentation Juive Contemporaine, Paris: M. Mazor

Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea, Milan: Dr. Eloisa Ravenna

Federation of Jewish Communities in Yugoslavia, Belgrade: Luci Petrovic

Fleming, Thomas. 1776: Year of Illusions
W.W. Norton & Company, New York, 1975

“[It] is impossible to acknowledge all the help I have received from librarians...” Thanks staff at:

University of Michigan, William L. Clemens Library

New York Historical Society

New York Public Library, American History Room

Yale University Library

Wesleyan University, Olin Library

Library of Congress: Jayne K. Tomkins

New York Society Library

University Club Library

Hibbert, Christopher. The House of Medici: Its Rise and Fall
William Morrow & Company, New York, 1975

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale: Patrizia Naldi and staff

Museo di Firenze: staff

British Museum

London Library

Oxford University, Bodleian Library

Horgan, Paul. Lamy of Santa Fe: His Life and Times
McGraw Hill, New York, 1975

The Vatican, Archives of the Propaganda Fide: Anton Debevec, archivist

Notre Dame University Library Archives: Fr. Thomas McAvoy, Fr. Thomas E. Blantz

Ecole Massillon, Clermont-Ferrand, France (archive): Abbe Garnaud

Monastere de la Visitation de la Sainte Marie (archive): Mother Therese

Library of Congress

St. Charles Borromeo Seminary: Fr. Edmund Halsey, archivist; Catherine Reese, librarian; Larry Taylor, archivist

Loretto Motherhouse: Sister Mathilda Barrett, archivist

Archdiocese of Baltimore: Msgr. Joseph Gallagher; Msgr. P. Francis Murphy, archivist

Diocese of Tucson: Fr. Frederick D. McAninch, archivist

Wesleyan University Library

Arizona Pioneers Historical Society

University of Arizona Library, Special Collections: P. Ball

Georgetown University Library: George Barringer, Jan Beyer

Yale University, Beinecke Rare Books and Manuscripts Library: Herman Liebert, Louis Martz, Donald Gallup, Archibald Hanna

Newberry Library, Ruth Lapham Butler

Cincinnati Historical Society: Mrs. Jordan

Colorado State Historical Society

Museum of New Mexico, History Division: Stephany Eger, librarian

Colorado State Museum: Bruce Ellis; Laura A. Ekstrom, librarian

El Paso Public Library: Virginia P. Hoke

New Mexico State Archives and Records Library, Dr. Myra Jenkins

Kansas State Historical Society: Frank Miller, Nyle Miller, Joseph Snell, Don Wilson

New Mexico Historical Society

Museum of New Mexico Historical Archives

Museum of New Mexico Library

New Mexico State Archives and Records Library

New Orleans Public Library

Rosenberg Library, Galveston: Robert Park

St. Louis Univeristy, Saint Pius X Library

New Mexico Records Center and Archives: Richard Salazar

Catholic University of America, Mullen Library: Thomas V. Schmidt

Kerr, Walter. The Silent Clowns
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1975

Eastman House: George Pratt

New York Public Library, Theatre Collection: Roderick Bladel

Frassanito, William A. Gettysburg: A Journey in Time
Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1975

Library of Congress

National Archives

Gettysburg College Library

Adams County Historical Society

New York Public Library

New York Historical Society

New York Historical Association

James, D. Clayton. The Years of MacArthur: Volume I, 1880-1941
Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1970

MacArthur Memorial Bureau of Archives: Philip P. Brower

National Archives, Modern Military Records Division: Thomas E. Hohmann, John E. Taylor

National Archives, Old Military Records Division

Office of the Chief of Military History: Dr. Stetson Conn, Hannah Zeidlik, Detmar Finke

United States Military Academy Archives: Joseph M. O’Donnell, Kenneth W. Ropp

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library: Dr. Elizabeth Drewry, director

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library: Dwight M. Miller, senior archivist

University of Missouri Library, Western Historical Manuscript Collection: Nancy C. Prewitt, assistant director

University of Oklahoma Library, Western History Collection: Jack D. Haley, assistant curator

University of Michigan Library, Michigan Historical Collections: Thomas E. Powers

Yale University Library, Historical Manuscripts and university Archives Department: Judith A. Schiff, head

Library of Congress, Manuscripts Division: “the excellent staff”

Mississippi State University, Mitchell Memorial Library: George R. Lewis, director; Margaret Peebles, acquisitions head; Willie D. Halsell, special collections head, John M. Carter, assistant director

Jones, James. WW II
Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1975

US Army Center of Military History, General Reference Branch, Army Historical Records Society: Hannah Zedlick, historian and archivist

Lewis, R.W.B. Edith Wharton: A Biography
Harper &Row, New York, 1975

Yale University, Beinecke Library: Donald Gallup and staff

Dumbarton Oaks, William Royall Tyler Collection

Villa I Tatti, Settignano, Italy, Archives: “to Signora Fiorella Superbi and the library staff at Villa I Tatti, I express enduring gratitude.” (p. 550)

Princeton University, Firestone Library: “My gratitude is very large to Alexander Clark and the staff at Firestone for their most thoughtful cooperation.” (p.550)

Harvard University, Houghton Library: ”I am most grateful to William Bond and Miss Carolyn Jakeman for courteous assistance over a number of years.” (p. 550)

Mee, Charles L., Jr. Meeting at Potsdam
M. Evans & Company, New York, 1975

British Foreign Office Archives: staff

National Archives

Truman Library

Harvard Club: Lounsbery Bates, librarian

Pope-Hennessy, James. Robert Louis Stevenson
Simon and Schuster, New York, 1975

National Library of Scotland

Yale University, Beinecke Library

Harvard University, Houghton Library

Silverado Museum

Scully, Vincent J. Pueblo: Mountain, Village, Dance
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1975

Museum of New Mexico Archives: Sallie Wagner, Lucille Stacey, Arthur Olivas

Yale University, Collection of Western American: Archibald Hanna

Yale University, Slide and Photograph Collection: Helen Chillman, librarian


Kidder, Tracy. House
Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1985

Jones Library, Northampton, MA: Dan Lombardo

Forbes Library, Northampton, MA: Elise Bernier Feeley

Smith College, Neilson Library: John Graiff, Mary McFeely, Mary Courtney

Lukas, J. Anthony. Common Ground: A Turbulent Decade in the Lives of Three American Families
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1985

Boston Globe Library: David Beveridge

Boston Herald Library: John Cronin

Harvard University, Widener Library

John F. Kennedy Library

Reid, T. R. The Chip: How Two Americans Invented the Microchip and Launched a Revolution
Simon and Schuster, New York, 1985

Library of Congress, Science Reading Room: “[The] kind and knowledgeable staff there were the mainstays of my research from beginning to end.” (p.200)

University of Denver, Penrose Library: “Morris Dertz and his reference staff.”

Princeton University Library

Georgetown University Library

Stanford University Library

Manhattanville College Library

Denver Public Library

Washington, D.C., Public Library

P.S. Miller Branch of the Douglas County Library, Castle Rock, CO

Smithsonian Institution: Dr. Uta C. Merzbach

Robinson, David. Chaplin: His Life and Art
McGraw-Hill, New York, 1985

Chaplin Archives: Rachel Ford, Pam Paumier

Birmingham Public Library

Greater London Record Office, Archives: Alan Neate

Garrick Club: Dr. Geoffrey Ashton, librarian

Seagrave, Sterling. The Soong Dynasty
Harper & Row, New York, 1985

National Archives

Library of Congress

Stanford University, Hoover Library

Wellesley College Library

Harvard University Libraries

Duke University Library

Oberlin College Library

Boston Public Library

Baltimore Public Library

Durham Public Library

Wilmington Public Library

“To each of those institutions I am grateful for assistance and for the freedom to make use of their documents.” (p. 465)

Whelan, Richard. Robert Capa: A Biography

“I wish to acknowledge my debt of gratitude to the New York Public Library, whose staff has been helpful beyond the call of duty and whose incredibly comprehensive collections have provided the key to many a puzzle that I had despaired of solving.”

Wilson, Roberta A., and James Q. Wilson. Watching Fishes: Behavior on Coral Reefs
Harper & Row, New York, 1985

Harvard University, Museum of Comparative Zoology Library

Marine Biological Laboratories of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Library

“[Libraries] whose staffs are uniformly welcoming and helpful, for which we are very grateful.” (vii)


Goodwin, Doris Kearns. No Ordinary Time, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II
Simon & Schuster, New York, 1995

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library: Dr. William Emerson, (former) Director; Verne Newton, director; Ray Teichman; Bob Parks; Mark Renovitch; Paul McLaughlin; John Ferris; Nancy Snedecker; Karen Burtis.

National Archives: Jeanine Derr

Library of Congress: Andrew Blankenstein

Columbia University Library: Lulie Haddad

Nuland, Sherwin B. How We Die
Knopf, New York, 1994

Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Library: Ferenc Gyorgyey


Chernow, Ron. Alexander Hamilton
Penguin, New York, 2004

St. Croix Landmarks Society, Whim Library: Carol Wakefield, Barbara Hagan-Smith.

Florence A. S. Williams Library, Christiansted: Patricia Ramirez

Museum of Nevis History: Joan Robinson

Nevis Historical and Conservation Society: Lornette Hanley

St. Kitts Archives: Victoria Borg O’Flaherty, Tamara O’Flaherty

Enid Baa Library and Archives, Von Scholten Collection: Beverly Smith

Danish National Archives

Charleston County Public Library: Liz Newcombe

South Carolina Historical Society: Lucas Nikonchuk

Leo Baeck Institute: Carol Kahn Strauss, Dana Ledger

Mitchell Library, Glasgow

North Ayrshire Archives: Jill McColl, Elizabeth Bell, Peggy O’Brien, John Millar

University of Detroit Mercy, Black Abolitionist Archives: Roy Finkenbine, director

New York Genealogical and Biological Society: Robert F. Gibson

Schomburg Center: Christopher Moore, Howard Dotson

Columbia University, Butler Library: Jean Ashton and “the library’s pleasant and efficient staff.” (p. 735)

Columbiana Library, University Archives: Marilyn Pettit, director

New York Historical Society: Valerie Komor

New York Public Library

Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site

Weehawken Public Library: Eric Negron

Bank of New York, archive: Christine McKay, consulting archivist

Museum of American Financial History: Brian Thompson, Meg Ventrudo

Trinity Church: Gwynedd Cannan, archivist

New York Society Library: Mark Piel, Edmee B. Reit, Sara Holliday

New York State Library: Fred Bassett, senior librarian

Rockefeller Archive Center: Darwin Stapleton, Tom Rosenbaum

Passaic County Historical Society: Kathy Grimshaw

New Jersey Historical Society: James Lewis

Joint Free Public Library of Morristown

Library of Congress: Jeffrey M. Flannery

Massachusetts Historical Society: Nicholas Graham and staff

Ehrlich, Paul R. and Anne H. Ehrlich. One with Nineveh: Politics, Consumption, and the Human Future
Island Press, Washington, 2005

California State University, Henry Madden Library: Colleen Mitchell

Fischer, David Hackett. Washington’s Crossing
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2004

Brown University, John Hay Library: Peter Harrington

Minuteman National Historic Park: Marc Nichipur

Brandeis University Library: “the reference staff…never failed to find helpful answers to hard questions.” (p.547)

Boston Public Library: Sinclair Hitchings

Massachusetts Historical Society: Peter Drummey, Nicholas Graham

New York Historical Society: Liz Larson

Frodham University Library, Special Collections: Patrice Kane

Morristown National Historic Park, library: David J. Veechioli and staff

Historical Society of Princeton: Marisa Moriga

Princeton University Library: Anna Lee Pauls and staff “turned up some uncatalogued materials.” (p. 548)

Trenton Public Library: Wendy Nardi

Monmouth County Library: Celia Yao

American Philosophical Society: Valerie Lutz

David Library: “Richard Ryerson and his staff could not have been more helpful and hospitable in opening the amazing resources of the David Library…” (p. 548)

Haverford College Library: Diana Peterson

Maryland State Archives: Nadine Shapiro

Smithsonian Institution: Jennifer Jones

Library of Congress: Jeffrey Flannery, Fred Bauman., division chief James Hutson

James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library: David Voelkel

University of Michigan, Clements Library: John Dann, Clayton Louis, John Shy

British Library

Henig, Robin Marantz. Pandora’s Baby: How the First Test Tube Babies Sparked the Reproductive Revolution
Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 2004

National Archives, New York: Martin Rosenberg and Staff

Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation: Judy Engleberg, archivist

Kurlansky, Mark. 1968: The Year that Rocked the World
Ballantine Books, New York, 2005

New York Public Library: Alice Dowd

Philbrick, Nathanael. Sea of Glory: America’s Voyage of Discovery, The U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842
Viking, New York, 2005

Smithsonian Institution: Jane Walsh

Yale University, Beinecke Library: Stephen Jones, Taran Schindler

Boston Athenaeum: Catharina Slautterback

Harvard University, Botany Libraries: Lisa DeCesare

Library of Congress: Jeffrey Flannery

National Archives: Richard Peuser

U.S. Naval Academy, Nimitz Library: Mary Catalfamo

Vine, Phyllis. Clarence Darrow: In Defense of the American Dream
Amistad/Harper Collins, New York, 2005

New York Daily News: Peter Edelman. Assistant Head Librarian

“Scores of librarians and archivists have answered requests, and I am grateful for the help of [the following:]” (p.316)

Sarah Lawrence College: Judy Kucinski

North Central State College, Wilberforce, OH: Sheila Darrow

Wilberforce University: Jacqueline Brown, Jean Mulhern

Polk County Historical and Genealogical Society: Joe Spann

University of Michigan, Bentley Historical Library: Karen Jania

Howard University Archives: Dr. Clifford Muse

Detroit News: Pat Zacharias

Wayne State University, Walter Reuther Library: Mary J. Wallace, William LeFevre

Schomburg Center: “the entire staff … provided steady, consistent help over the life of the project.” (p.316)

“I cannot overstate my appreciation to my local library in Hastings-on-Hudson: thanks to Sue Feir who granted me unconditional access, including during months of a dusty renovation when we all had to duck trailing electrical lines; to Janet Murphy for her indefatigable help at every stage, deftly managing the reference component of the interlibrary loan system, endlessly locating obscure titles; to Terri Fox, from the Westchester County Library System.” (Pp. 316-317)