Poor Reading Culture of the Nigerian Professorate due to Corruption, Lack of Books, Electricty and Poor ICT Infrastructure

According to a news report captioned 'Ezekwesili slams professors, quits', Mrs Obiageli Ezekwesili, the former minister of education of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, was quoted as saying that 'professors in Nigeria don't read' and that they 'still rely on information of the 1960s'. Consequently, she advised that 'professors need to read and do research'
The former Education Minister said that academics and most people, they can not contribute meaningfully to discourse on national issues.

“They just become arm chair critics. They can not in a pedestrian manner discuss government policies. Professors should ask analytical questions on the education reforms.”

Isaac N. Obasi responds:

Mrs. Ezekwesili appeared to have taken both accusations out of the context within which they have taken place. Reading for example is a function of many things namely conducive environment both in the office and at home. There has to be availability of current books and journals to be read by professors. No one should know better the conditions of universitylibraries than the former minister herself. She also knows how poorly developed ICT infrastructure is with respect to the virtual libraries project in the universities at the moment. Again, one must have steady supply of electricity to read especially during hot weather conditions and in the night. The former minister knows how the Obasanjo government which she served creditably well, performed in its promise of providing steady supply of electricity to Nigerians.

Mrs Obiageli Ezekwesili resigned April 27, 2007 to assume a new job as Vice-President of the World Bank in charge of Africa on May 6, in Washington D.C., United States of America (USA).