Right Wing Think Tank [Intercollegiate Studies Institute] Sues Employees from Jack Miller Center

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute [conservative think tank] has filed a lawsuit against three former senior employees and a donor, charging that they took with them proprietary material needed to start and eventually sustain a competing stand-alone foundation. ...
Here is a link to an interview with Jack Miller in PHILANTHROPY Magazine.
At issue is a confidential donor database of faculty members at colleges across the country who are “sympathetic to ISI’s aims,” directories of scholars and academics who have taken part in the group’s summer programming and a forthcoming manual on how to build centers at colleges focusing on the study of the country’s founding principles, according to the suit, which was filed in a Delaware state court.
In addition to wanting its property returned, ISI said it wants the donor, Miller, to honor a pledge of $1.5 million he made to the Greenville-based organization. Miller was the founder and president of Quill Corporation before it was sold to Staples Inc.
The Intercollegiate Studies Institute has taken down the Jack Miller Center
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