Noel Peattie

Poet, editor, librarian, friend--Noel Peattie-- died January 13, 2005. He was editor of Sipapu from 1968-1996. Sipapu was a magazine "for libraries, collectors, and others interested in the alternative press, which includes small and 'underground' presses, Third World, dissent, feminist, peace, and all forms of indescribable publishing in general." Noel won the Jackie Eubanks Memorial Award for outstanding achievement in promoting the acquisition and use of alternative materials in libraries.

Photo layouts and the entire run is available in the
Sipapu archives at the University of California, Davis.

Noel Peattie, A Passage for Dissent: The Best of Sipapu, 1970-1988 (Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1989.

"Interview with Noel Peattie."
SRRT Newsletter 148/9 December 2004.

"Remembering Noel Peattie, A letter from Chris Dodge."

Noel Peattie's website.